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Ide.php is a powerful tool, which gives the user ability to execute arbitrary server-side code on the webserver where it resides. For this reason, it's also a very dangerous tool if it's not set up in a secure way.

The secure way to set up Ide.php is to arrange that no one else has access to it. This can be done in two ways:

  • Use a personal webserver. This is the preferred alternative. Get Apache & PHP and install them on your computer. If that's not possible, consider using VMware to set up a second operating system in your computer, wherein you can run Apache & PHP.
  • Use password protection. If you have to put Ide.php on a public webserver, you should put it in a password protected area. Since password protection often uses HTTP Authentication, this could cause a problem if you're using Ide.php to write and test code that sends its own HTTP Authentication headers.

Depending on the amount of feedback received, I'm considering integrating a cookie-based authentication scheme into Ide.php, which would allow for easy and secure setup, while eliminating potential conflicts using HTTP Authentication headers.





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